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Merck Case

Pharmaceuticals: Merck Sustaining Long-term Advantage Through Information Technology Hiroshi Amari Working Paper No. 161 Working Paper Series Center on Japanese Economy and Business Columbia Business School December 1998 Columbia-Yale Project: Use of Software to Achieve Competitive Advantage PHARMACEUTICALS: MERCK Sustaining Long-term Advantage Through Information Technology Prepared by Hiroshi Amari Research Associate, Yale University William V. Rapp and Hugh T. Patrick Co-chief Project InvestigatorsCenter for International and Area Studies Yale University New Haven, CT 06520 203-432-9395 (Fax: 5963) email: william. [emailâ protected] edu Revised December 1998 Table of Contents 1. Presentation: Objective of this Study 2. The Pharmaceutical Industry in a Global Context 3. Item R&D and Clinical Trials 4. Assembling and Process R&D 5. Mechanical Factors Structure-Based Drug (â€Å"Rational Drug†) Design Structure-Based Drug (â€Å"Rational Drug†) Design 6. Merck 7. Administrative Decision Making 8. Dynamic on IT anticipates 9. Joint Ventures 10. Data Technology and Organization 11.Appendix I †Summary Answers to Questions for Merck †Strategy and Operations 12. Addendum II †INDUSTRY AND FIRM BUSINESS DATA 13. Reference index 2 Introduction: Objective of this Study This contextual analysis of Merck was finished under a multi year research award from the Sloan Foundation. The undertaking's motivation is to look at in a progression of contextual analyses how U. S. what's more, Japanese firms who are perceived pioneers in utilizing data innovation to accomplish long haul practical bit of leeway have sorted out and dealt with this procedure. While each case is finished in itself, each is a piece of this bigger examination. This pharmaceutical industry case along with other cases2 bolster an underlying exploration speculation that driving programming clients in both the U. S. what's more, Japan are refined in the manners in which the y have incorporated programming into their administration methodologies and use it to regulate authoritative qualities and catch implied information on an iterative premise. In Japan this methodology has included substantial dependence on redid and semicustomized programming (Rapp 1995) yet is changing towards a progressively particular utilization of bundle programming oversaw by means of tweaked frameworks. Thusly, U. S. ounterparts, for example, Merck, who have regularly depended more on bundled programming, are accomplishing more customization, particularly for frameworks expected to incorporate programming bundles into something all the more firmly connected with their business systems, markets, and hierarchical structure. Therefore, originating from various bearings, there shows up some combination in approach by these driving programming clients. The cases in this manner affirm what some different investigators have speculated, a reasonable business technique is an important condition for a fruitful data innovation system (Wold and Shriver 1993). These key connections for Merck are introduced in the accompanying case. Enterprises and firms inspected are food retailing (Ito-Yokado and H. Butts), semiconductors (NEC and AMD), pharmaceuticals (Takeda and Merck), retail banking (Sanwa and Citibank), venture banking (Nomura and Credit Suisse First Boston), life coverage (Meiji and USAA), cars (Toyota), steel (little factories and coordinated plants, Nippon Steel, Tokyo Steel and Nucor), and attire retailing (WalMart). The case essayist and the examination group wish to communicate their thankfulness to the Alfred P.Sloan Foundation for making this work conceivable and to the Sloan business places for their priceless help. They particularly welcome the time and direction given by the middle for research on pharmaceuticals at MTT just as Mr. Sato at Takeda. This alludes to cases for which meetings have been finished. See reference 3. These and other rundown re sults are introduced in another Center on Japanese Economy and Business working paper: William V. Rapp, â€Å"Gaining and Sustaining Long-term Advantage Through Information Technology: The Emergence of Controlled Production,† December 1998 technique (Wold and Shriver 1993). 3 These key connections for Merck are introduced in the accompanying case. However this case alongside different cases additionally shows that execution and plan of each organization's product and programming technique is one of a kind to its serious circumstance, industry and vital targets. These elements impact how they pick among bundled and altered programming choices for accomplishing explicit objectives and how they measure their success.Indeed, as a major aspect of their key incorporation, Merck and the other driving programming clients met have connected their product techniques with their general administration objectives through clear statements of purpose that expressly note the significance of data innovation to firm achievement. They have coupled this with dynamic CIO (Chief Information Officer) and IT (data innovation) bolster bunch support in the company's business and dynamic structure.Thus for firms like Merck the absolutely free MIS (Management Information Systems) office is a relic of days gone by. This might be one motivation behind why redistributing for them has not been a genuine alternative, however their effective business execution did not depend exclusively on programming. Or maybe as will be depicted underneath programming is a vital component of their general administration procedure and assumes a key job in serving corporate objectives, for example, upgrading profitability, improving stock administration or reinforcing client relations.These frameworks in this way should be combined with a fitting way to deal with assembling, R, and showcasing mirroring Merck's away from of their business, their industry and their company's serious qualities inside this specific situation. This reasonable business vision has empowered them to choose, create and utilize the product they require for every business work and to incorporate these into an absolute emotionally supportive network for their activities to accomplish corporate targets. Since this vision impacts other corporateThese and other outline results are introduced in another Center on Japanese Economy and Business working paper: William V. Rapp, â€Å"Gaining and Sustaining Long-term Advantage Through Information Technology: The Emergence of Controlled Production,† December 1998 3 4 choices, they have great human asset and money related qualities as well (Appendix I and ii). However Merck shares some basic subjects with other driving programming clients, for example, the formation of enormous restrictive intelligent databases that advance programmed criticism between different stages as well as players in the creation, conveyance and utilization process.Their capacity to utiliz e IT to decrease inventories and improve control of the creation procedure are additionally regular to other driving programming clients. They are likewise capable hierarchically and seriously to assemble valuable criticism cycles or circles that expansion efficiency in regions as various as R, structure and assembling while at the same time lessening process durations and imperfections or coordinating creation and conveyance. Improved process durations decrease costs however increment the unwavering quality of figures since they have to cover a shorter period.Customer fulfillment and lower inventories are improved through on-time conveyance. In this manner, programming inputs are basic factors in Merck's and other driving clients' general business methodologies with solid positive serious ramifications for doing it effectively and possibly negative ramifications for contenders. A significant thought in this regard is the conceivable rise of another vital assembling worldview in whi ch Merck is most likely a main participant.In a similar way large scale manufacturing drastically enhanced art creation through the economies of huge scope plants that created and utilized normalized parts and lean creation enhanced large scale manufacturing through creation the creation line increasingly constant, lessening inventories and tying creation all the more near genuine interest, what may be called â€Å"controlled† creation appears to essentially improve profitability through checking, controlling and connecting each part of delivering and conveying an item or administration including after deals administration and repair.Such controlled creation is just conceivable by effectively utilizing data innovation and programming frameworks to consistently give the observing and control capacity whatever had recently been a somewhat programmed framework reaction to changes in 5 expected or real shopper request. This might be the reason their capable utilization of data in novation is seen without anyone else and industry experts as essential to their business achievement, yet just when it is incorporated with the business from both an activity and association angle mirroring their general business technique and lucidity of serious vision.Therefore at Merck the product and frameworks advancement individuals are a piece of the dynamic structure while the framework itself is an indispensable piece of sorting out, conveying and supporting its medication pipeline from R through to deals post FDA endorsement. This arrangement is especially basic in pharmaceuticals where much after clinical preliminaries there is a ceaseless need to screen likely symptoms. Accordingly Seagate Technology might be right for Merck too when they state in their 1997 Annual Report â€Å"We are encountering another mechanical transformation, one more impressive than any before it.In this developing advanced universe of the Third Millennium, the new money will be data. How we tack le it will mean the contrast among progress and disappointment, between having upper hand and being an additionally ran. † For Merck's situation, likewise with the other driving programming clients inspected, the way to utilizing programming effectively is to build up a blend of bundled and redid programming that bolsters their business techniques and separates them from contenders. In any case, they have done whatever it takes not to adjust their hierarchical structure to t

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Complete Guide to Integers on ACT Math (Advanced)

Complete Guide to Integers on ACT Math (Advanced) SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Numbers, whole numbers, numbers (gracious, my)! You've just found out about your fundamental ACT whole numbers and now you're craving to handle the overwhelming hitters of the number world. Need to know how to (rapidly) discover a rundown of prime numbers? Need to realize how to control and take care of example issues? Root issues? Well look no further! This will be your finished manual for cutting edge ACT whole numbers, including prime numbers, examples, outright qualities, back to back numbers, and roots-what they mean, just as how to unravel the more troublesome number inquiries that may appear on the ACT. Normal Integer Questions on the ACT First of all there is, tragically, no â€Å"typical† whole number inquiry on the ACT. Numbers spread such a wide assortment of themes that the inquiries will be various and changed. Furthermore, in that capacity, there can be no reasonable layout for a standard whole number inquiry. Notwithstanding, this guide will walk you through a few genuine ACT math models on every whole number point so as to give you a portion of the a wide range of sorts of number inquiries the ACT may toss at you. As a general guideline, you can tell when an ACT question expects you to utilize your whole number procedures and aptitudes when: #1: The inquiry explicitly makes reference to whole numbers (or continuous numbers) It could be a word issue or even a geometry issue, however you will realize that your answer must be in entire numbers (whole numbers) when the inquiry pose for at least one whole numbers. (We will experience the way toward understanding this inquiry later in the guide) #2: The inquiry includes prime numbers A prime number is a particular sort of whole number, which we will talk about later in the guide. For the present, realize that any notice of prime numbers implies it is a whole number inquiry. A prime number an is squared and afterward added to an alternate prime number, b. Which of the accompanying could be the conclusive outcome? A significantly number An odd number A positive number I as it were II as it were III as it were I and III as it were I, II, and III (We'll experience the way toward illuminating this inquiry later in the guide) #3: The inquiry includes duplicating or partitioning bases and examples Examples will consistently be a number that is situated higher than the principle (base) number: $4^3$, $(y^5)^2$ You might be solicited to discover the qualities from types or locate the new articulation once you have duplicated or separated terms with examples. (We will experience the way toward illuminating this inquiry later in the guide) #4: The inquiry utilizes immaculate squares or pose to you to decrease a root esteem A root question will consistently include the root sign: √ $√36$, $^3√8$ The ACT may request that you lessen a root, or to locate the square base of an ideal square (a number that is equivalent to a whole number squared). You may likewise need to duplicate at least two roots together. We will experience these definitions just as how these procedures are done in the area on roots. (We will experience the way toward explaining this inquiry later in the guide) (Note: A root question with impeccable squares may include divisions. For more data on this idea, look to our guide on parts and proportions.) #5: The inquiry includes an outright worth condition (with numbers) Anything that is an outright worth will be organized with supreme worth signs which resemble this: | For instance: $|-43|$ or $|z + 4|$ (We will experience how to tackle this issue later in the guide) Note: there are commonly two various types of supreme worth issues on the ACT-conditions and disparities. About a fourth of the supreme worth inquiries you go over will include the utilization of disparities (spoke to by or ). In the event that you are new to disparities, look at our manual for ACT imbalances (not far off!). Most of outright worth inquiries on the ACT will include a composed condition, either utilizing whole numbers or factors. These ought to be genuinely direct to tackle once you become familiar with the intricate details of supreme qualities (and monitor your negative signs!), all of which we will cover underneath. We will, nonetheless, just be covering composed total worth conditions in this guide. Outright worth inquiries with imbalances are canvassed in our manual for ACT disparities. We will experience these inquiries and subjects all through this guide in the request for most noteworthy commonness on the ACT. We guarantee that your way to cutting edge whole numbers won't take you 10 years or more to overcome (taking a gander at you, Odysseus). Types Type addresses will show up on each and every ACT, and you'll likely observe an example question in any event twice per test. Regardless of whether you're being approached to increase types, partition them, or take one type to another, you'll have to realize your example rules and definitions. An example demonstrates how frequently a number (called a â€Å"base†) must be increased without anyone else. So $3^2$ is a similar thing as saying 3*3. Also, $3^4$ is a similar thing as saying 3*3*3*3. Here, 3 is the base and 2 and 4 are the types. You may likewise have a base to a negative type. This is a similar thing as saying: 1 separated by the base to the positive example. For instance, 4-3 becomes $1/{4^3}$ = $1/64$ Be that as it may, how would you increase or gap bases and examples? Never dread! The following are the primary type decides that will be useful for you to know for the ACT. Example Formulas: Duplicating Numbers with Exponents: $x^a * x^b = x^[a + b]$ (Note: the bases must be the equivalent for this standard to apply) For what reason is this valid? Consider it utilizing genuine numbers. On the off chance that you have $3^2 * 3^4$, you have: (3*3)*(3*3*3*3) On the off chance that you check them, this give you 3 duplicated without anyone else multiple times, or $3^6$. So $3^2 * 3^4$ = $3^[2 + 4]$ = $3^6$. $x^a*y^a=(xy)^a$ (Note: the examples must be the equivalent for this standard to apply) For what reason is this valid? Consider it utilizing genuine numbers. On the off chance that you have $3^5*2^5$, you have: (3*3*3*3*3)*(2*2*2*2*2) = (3*2)*(3*2)*(3*2)*(3*2)*(3*2) So you have $(3*2)^5$, or $6^5$ On the off chance that $3^x*4^y=12^x$, what is y as far as x? ${1/2}x$ x 2x x+2 4x We can see here that the base of the last answer is 12 and $3 *4= 12$. We can likewise observe that the conclusive outcome, $12^x$, is taken to one of the first example esteems in the condition (x). This implies the types must be equivalent, as at exactly that point would you be able to duplicate the bases and keep the example unblemished. So our last answer is B, $y = x$ In the event that you were questionable about your answer, at that point plug in your own numbers for the factors. Suppose that $x = 2$ $32 * 4y = 122$ $9 * 4y = 144$ $4y = 16$ $y = 2$ Since we said that $x = 2$ and we found that $y = 2$, at that point $x = y$. So once more, our answer is B, y = x Separating Exponents: ${x^a}/{x^b} = x^[a - b]$ (Note: the bases must be the equivalent for this standard to apply) For what reason is this valid? Consider it utilizing genuine numbers. ${3^6}/{3^4}$ can likewise be composed as: ${(3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3)}/{(3 * 3 * 3 * 3)}$ On the off chance that you counterbalance your last 3s, you’re left with (3 * 3), or $3^2$ So ${3^6}/{3^4}$ = $3^[6 - 4]$ = $3^2$ The above $(x * 10^y)$ is classified logical documentation and is a technique for composing either huge numbers or little ones. You don't have to see how it functions so as to take care of this issue, be that as it may. Simply think about these as some other bases with types. We have a specific number of hydrogen particles and the components of a crate. We are searching for the quantity of particles per one cubic centimeter, which implies we should partition our hydrogen atoms by our volume. So: $${8*10^12}/{4*10^4}$$ Take every segment independently. $8/4=2$, so we realize our answer is either G or H. Presently to finish it, we would state: $10^12/10^4=10^[12âˆ'4]=10^8$ Presently set up the pieces: $2x10^8$ So our full and last answer is H, there are $2x10^8$ hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter in the case. Taking Exponents to Exponents: $(x^a)^b=x^[a*b]$ For what reason is this valid? Consider it utilizing genuine numbers. $(3^2)^4$ can likewise be composed as: (3*3)*(3*3)*(3*3)*(3*3) In the event that you check them, 3 is being duplicated without anyone else multiple times. So $(3^2)^4$=$3^[2*4]$=$3^8$ $(x^y)3=x^9$, what is the estimation of y? 2 3 6 10 12 Since examples taken to types are increased together, our concern would resemble: $y*3=9$ $y=3$ So our last answer is B, 3. Dispersing Exponents: $(x/y)^a = x^a/y^a$ For what reason is this valid? Consider it utilizing genuine numbers. $(3/4)^3$ can be composed as $(3/4)(3/4)(3/4)=9/64$ You could likewise say $3^3/4^3= 9/64$ $(xy)^z=x^z*y^z$ On the off chance that you are taking an altered base to the intensity of a type, you should convey that type across both the modifier and the base. $(2x)^3$=$2^3*x^3$ For this situation, we are disseminating our external type across the two bits of the internal term. So: $3^3=27$ Furthermore, we can see this is a type taken to a type issue, so we should increase our types together. $x^[3*3]=x^9$ This implies our last answer is E, $27x^9$ Also, in case you're dubious whether you have discovered the correct answer, you can generally test it out utilizing genuine numbers. Rather than utilizing a variable, x, let us supplant it with 2. $(3x^3)^3$ $(3*2^3)^3$ $(3*8)^3$ $24^3$ 13,824 Presently test which answer matches 13,824. We'll spare ourselves some time by testing E first. $27x^9$ $27*2^9$ $27*512$ 13,824 We have discovered a similar answer, so we know for sure that E must be right. (Note: while appropriating examples, you may do as such with augmentation or division-types don't convey over expansion or deduction. $(x+y)^a$ isn't $x^a+y^a$, for instance) Extraordinary Exponents: It is basic for the ACT to ask you what happens when you have an example of 0: $x^0=1$ where x is any number aside from 0 (Why any number however 0? Well 0 to any power other than 0 equivalents 0, on the grounds that $0^x=0$. Also, some other number to the intensity of 0 = 1. This makes $0^0$ indistinct, as it could

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Blog Archive Monday Morning Essay Tip Connecting Long-Term Goals

Blog Archive Monday Morning Essay Tip Connecting Long-Term Goals Many MBA candidates struggle to define their long-term goals. Although your short-term goals should be relatively specific, your long-term goals can be broad and ambitious. Regardless of what your short- and long-term goals actually are, what is most important is presenting a clear cause and effect relationship between them. The MBA admissions committee will be confused by a long-term goal that lacks grounding. Still, you should not interpret this to mean that you need to choose one industry and state that you will stay in it for your entire career. You can present any career path that excites youâ€"again, as long as you also demonstrate a logical path to achieving your goals. For example, many candidates discuss having ambitions in the field of management consulting. Could an individual with such aspirations justify any of the following long-term goals? A) Climbing the ladder and becoming a partner in a consulting firm B) Launching a boutique consulting firm C) Leaving consulting to manage a nonprofit D) Leaving consulting to buy a failing manufacturing firm and forge a “turnaround” E) Entering the management ranks of a major corporation The answer is yes! This candidate could justify any of these long-term goals (and many others), as long as he/she connects them to experiences gained via his/her career as a consultant. With regard to your goals, you need not feel constrainedâ€"you just need to emphasize and illustrate that your goals are logical/achievable and ambitious. Share ThisTweet Monday Morning Essay Tips

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Summary The Night - 1499 Words

Morgana takes her foot off the gas pedal and presses down on the brake stopping the car outside 2106 Mayday road. As I was thanking whatever deity let me survive such a traumatic experience the seat belt unbuckles itself. The passenger door swings open, and I jump out of the car planning to say hello the ground by kissing it then realize the sidewalk isn t very clean so I don t. Morgana and I walk up to a house that looks like all the others on this street who could possibly know that one of the most important people in the entire world lives there. Morgana knocks on the door since there isn t a doorbell, and a man with thick square glasses dressed in a stripped shirt and bland colored pants opens the door. The man has a foolish smile†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Here you go Mr. Lawson.† â€Å"Please call me Theodore.† â€Å"Would you two like to come inside I m sure my wife and children would absolutely love to meet you?† â€Å"We would love to.† T heodore lead us into his home I could only hope that his children and wife weren t as boring as he is. His wife was in the kitchen filling the cupboards with porcelain cups, bowls, and plates. Theodore s thirteen year old son was laying on the living room floor reading a book titled Tales of Camelot. His sixteen year old daughter was sitting on the brown leather couch her thumbs moving open and down as she texted someone. Theodore introduces us to his entire family his wife s name is Ashley, his daughter s name is Taylor, and his son s name is Matthew. Morgana sits down at the kitchen counter to see if she can learn anything of importance from Theodore and Ashley while I get to know Taylor and Matthew. Taylor doesn t even look at me when I sit down on the brown leather chair across from her I doubt she will even talk to me. Matthew on the other hand immediately closes his book and looks right at me. â€Å"Do you know anything about King Arthur?† â€Å"I know more than most p eople do, but if you don t believe me you could always give me a quiz to test my knowledge.† â€Å"What is Arthur s last name?† â€Å"Pendragon.† â€Å"Name two of Gawain s brothers.† â€Å"Agravain and Gareth.† â€Å"What are the names of Morgana La Fay s sisters?† â€Å"Morgause andShow MoreRelatedSummary : The Night 1109 Words   |  5 Pagesthose dark, serious eyes. They scanned me from head to toe; and then he backed up and barked Okay marines, it is time for the drill. Follow me in single order! He led us to an obstacle course he and the other higher ranking officers had set up the night before. It consisted of the standard tire jumping, some pull-up bars, as well as ropes, and more. Doing all these drills in the sand was difficult and he had been ramping up the difficulty of each drill slightly the past few weeks; putting us to theRead MoreSummary Of The Night 1309 Words   |  6 Pagesfilled with gibberish that had nothing to do with him or the barbeque. Anasazi had definitely ruined my day. Why did she have to point it out to me that even though I appeared white, I was a Negress. I had already been wondering about our wedding night too. Wondering if it was going to be bad, or if he was an experienced enough lover to make it enjoyable, as Angelique said it could be with the right one. I was still not exactly sure of what to expect, although I did know that making love meant takingRead MoreSummary : The Night 876 Words   |  4 Pagesbreakfast. They were going to see if their friends Ryan and Justin just next door wanted to go with them to the park that was just down the street from their house. They walked through the front yard, the grass was all dewy and wet from the rain the night before. The girls walked up the steep brick steps to Ryan s front door, ding, dong went the loud door bell. They waited on the red brick porch until Ryan answered the door, when answers the door he was still in his blue pajamas. Hey RyanRead MoreSummary Of The Night 1371 Words   |  6 PagesThe day was really dreary the day Lorraine’s parents died. When she got the call from her older brother, she was told that their parents died in a fire at a bakery. After they were done with the funeral, Lorraine went home with Grandma Anna. Lorraine packed her stuff and went to live in Grandma Anna’s hotel. Kai, Lorraine’s older brother texted Lorraine that he was going to marry his fiance next month. When Lorraine goes to meet Kai and his fiancee, her neighbors gives her some food and some necessaryRead MoreSummary : The Night 1443 Words   |  6 PagesJournal 18 Opening his eyes, the man discovered that his fellow companion had already woken up and was patiently was patiently waiting for its master to rise from his deep slumber. Every single day was the same for him, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening; however, he did not mind that his life was comprised of repetitions involving the most monotonous tasks. One of his tasks involved ringing a bell, of which he neither had no clue as to why he was doing it nor when he started doingRead MoreSummary Of The Night Essay1439 Words   |  6 Pagestimes in the past two months and tonight will be number four. He likes his victims to be young, helpless females who he can easily lure into his home and strangle them. In that moment, I decide that no matter what, I will kill this guy before the night is though. Although I try to catch his attention by winking at him and smiling cutely, I cannot seem to get him to even look at me. I mean why wouldn’t he look at me, I am the most cute and helpless looking girl in this bar with my long ash blondeRead MoreSummary : The Night 825 Words   |  4 PagesPROLOGUE Everyday goes by in high school all the same, monday to friday from 7:45-2:25. The jocs are in the gym, the cheerleaders are well cheering for them, the stoners are outside by the side of the gym doing a deal, the geeks are in the library reading and trading comic books, the nerds are in the science room talking about how much they hate the populars and how they are going take over the world one day, the couples are in the bathroom stalls, and then there is me, Teagan Powers and of courseRead MoreSummary Of The Night 850 Words   |  4 PagesHe drifted in and out of sleep throughout the night. His mind plagued with what-ifs. There had to be a way to compromise, as he had with the druids. However, there was so much fear instilled prejudice against magic users that even the peaceful nomads still faced persecution within various parts of his kingdom. He recalled the old woman whom he and Merlin had saved from the pyre in her village. The one who had given him the Horn of Cathbhadh. He knew nothing about her or what she had been accusedRead MoreSummary Of The Night 1693 Words   |  7 Pageskiss and an absolutely-positively fake smile. It honestly pissed Dipper off they were trying to keep him in the dark. He knew that they were in financial trouble, but he wasn t sure why. And his parents never seemed to discuss why during their late-night arguments. They just yelled, swore, and slammed a lot of stuff. Ben, what are we going to do?! His mom angrily asked his dad. There s no way we can go on like this. We re going to have to start making some sacrifices. And that includes you, tooRead MoreSummary Of The Night 1357 Words   |  6 Pages Chapter One: He was sleeping, anyway with a gun inside his boots next to the bed. Silence, it was everything. In the middle of the night, he heard a breath. It was not his breath. He realized that wasn’t alone, so he tried to stretch his arm to get the boots, but they weren’t there. In that moment he sat on the bed prepared to fight. Lights on. It was someone pointing to his head with a gun, he didn’t know who it was because that person had a mask. - Are you Luck? – The man asked, but the boy didn’t

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Police Search and Rescue Dogs The Animal Rights Debate

Every day, domestic pets and livestock face a litany of horrible abuses that range from neglect to violence to torture. Since police dogs are generally well trained, fed, and housed, they are not often the focus of the animal rights debate. When discussions regarding police dogs do come up, the concerns arent usually over whether or not the dogs should be used for police work, but rather with a view toward their safety in dangerous situations, their longterm health, and eventual retirement. Arguments in Support of Police Dogs While law enforcement has experimented with other animals (such as vultures or wasps) for tracking, search and rescue, and cadaver searching, none have been found to be as versatile and effective as dogs. Here are some of the reasons dogs are often regarded as law enforcements best friends: Search and rescue dogs can save human lives by locating victims of crime and natural disasters quickly.Dogs help capture criminals. When criminals flee on foot, tracking them with a police dog may be the most effective way of finding them. Typically, dogs are faster on their feet than humans and can chase and hold a suspect until police officers arrive.Cadaver dogs, those trained to find human remains, can locate bodies of crime victims as well as persons who perish due to natural causes. Finding a body leads to crimes being solved, missing person cases being closed, and offers closure to families of victims searching for a lost loved one.Dogs trained to sniff out bombs, drugs, or other dangerous substances can help prevent crimes before they occur.Dogs can be sent into situations that are too dangerous for humans or tight spaces that people cant fit into.Police dogs are trained using mostly—if not exclusively—positive reinforcement. Abusive training methods are rarely an issue.Dogs often live with their human handlers—even after retirement—and tend to be treated very well. The Arguments Against Using Police Dogs Some animal rights activists take an extreme view that using any animal for a work-related purpose violates that animals basic right to be free. While police dogs are generally treated as valuable members of their teams, their work is not without danger and sadly, not without the potential for abuse. Here are some animal rights activists major concerns regarding police dogs: Brutal methods are not unheard of in K-9 training. In November 2009, a video of a training session by the Baltimore Police Department surfaced, showing a dog being repeatedly picked up by the collar and slammed onto the ground. An off-screen trainer can be heard giving instructions to the officer handling the dog. This is the exception, not the rule.Some dogs are bred specifically to be trained as police dogs, however, not every puppy bred has the temperament or skills for police work. Dogs that dont make the cut often find themselves in shelters, thus contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. Another concern with selective breeding is inbreeding, which can result in inherited health conditions such as hip dysplasia (especially common in German Shephards).Dogs can be killed or injured in the line of duty, but unlike their human counterparts, they never knowingly consent to the risks. Activists argue that if a situation is too dangerous for a human police officer, it is too dang erous for a dog but sometimes dogs pay the ultimate sacrifice.Criminals are more likely to kill or injure a police dog than a police officer attempting to do the same job. Penalties for killing or injuring a police dog are much lower than those for killing or injuring a person.Dogs who fail out of training or age out of programs can be left with potentially violent tendencies and may have to be put down.Search and rescue dogs that come in longterm contact with dangerous environmental conditions can develop cancer, respiratory problems, and other health ailments that can lead to suffering and early death.

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Essay about Discussing the Need to Reform the No Child...

Some of the salient points of the NCLB are the way in which the act is presented and handled. NCLB approach has a set standard for managing schools that are progressing poorly with education. The inferences for the results seem like they are very incomplete and only hurting the student during the reforming of the failure. John points out the invaluable time spent on teaching to the test, therefore we are not teaching the right educational information to the students. Another problem of negative issues outweighing the positive issues is quite a turning point of discussion for the reform of the act. The NCLB is all circumventing the standard testing of the reading, writing and math areas of education. How about the student that†¦show more content†¦This type of influx can affect the classroom of students in a huge way. Increase or decrease in class size, with or without the proper aides to help with the education and management of the students with disabilities is preval ent. More funds being directed to the student tutoring problem is ok, but why can’t the teachers who are qualified to handle them, be the facilitator of the tutor programs. Who are we hurting when we cut the funds in the end? Are we hurting the administration, educators or students? The educator becomes more frustrated in that in turn affects the learning community for the student. The student, whether it be the general or the minority student is going to be the ones that suffer through. The presentation of the information in John’s scenario was very true and very critical. While there is a need for reform, there should be some major issues addressed. The testing labels the students, giving a negative presentation. Educators feel that the expectations and testing should be more based on the resources available to the specific schools. If a low income school has fewer resources available, why should the tests be consistent with the wealthy schools? He wants to see a more unified testing; a more comprehensive view of progress over time would be more realistic than a test given at one point in time. (Grevas, 2009).Show MoreRelatedHigher Education Essay960 Words   |  4 Pagesthe information pertaining to specifically designed around a particular course of study and expansion of education beyond high school. The provided information will adhere to the idea presented regarding the students at Highland High School and the need to prepare them for post-secondary education. Baum, S., Kurose, C., McPherson, M. (2013). An Overview of American Higher Education. The Future of Children, 23(1), 17-39. Information within this document shows the development of changes within theRead MoreThe Decline of The U.S. Education System Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagespeers from two-parent or other types of families, even after accounting for socio-economic background. Furthermore, teachers’ salary compensation is a major factor in student performance. A report â€Å"Education at a Glance† released by the OECD discussing direct conclusions of their evaluation of the U.S. education; the OECD cites, teachers in the U.S. earn substantially less than their peers with similar educational backgrounds. The relatively low wages for teachers in primary, secondary, and upperRead MoreAlfie Kohn Literature Review Essay1102 Words   |  5 PagesSince the implementation of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), schools and society have taken a different perspective on how to assess the student‘s progress. Schools are forced to make decisions based on assessments and how to show adequate yearly progress (AYP). Alfie Kohn points out that, in some cases, our students have become victims of standardize testing. In his article, Standardized Testing and Its Victims (2000), he demonstrates how testing have become detrimental to our students instead ofRead MoreThe Future of Education in America3160 Words   |  13 Pageshyper-polarization of wealth and indigence throughout not only the state of New Jersey, but also the country as a whole. In response to this crisis, NJ’s Governor Christie has proposed the Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would stimulate competition between schools and in turn boost the quality of education. The act would create this competitive open market by providing scholarship funds to eligible low-income children who attend a chronically failing school district in order for them to choose to attend an alternativeRead MoreTesting Controls Much Of The Academic Career Of A Student1203 Words   |  5 PagesIt seems standardized testing controls much of the academic career of a student. Today, test such as the ACT and SAT determine the probability of getting into college while state test such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) serve as an assessment of preparedness toward the upcoming grade of learning. There is still controversy over the workings of standardized test works. While it does check the proper essentials needed to progressRead MoreFunctionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism3181 Words   |  13 PagesThe â€Å"No Child Left Behind† Act The Effects of â€Å"No Child Left Behind† on Special Education and General Education Collaboration Outcomes: A Qualitative Study The â€Å"No Child Left Behind† Act The Effects of â€Å"No Child Left Behind† on Special Education and General Education Collaboration Outcomes: A Qualitative Study Introduction The primary aim of this research paper will be to determine how NCLB program impacts special education students, general collaboration and educational outcomes. NCLBRead MoreImportance Of Education Essay1802 Words   |  8 Pagesthe result of perfect school education system and that too is the best in the world, whereas the clear headed pragmatic people do realise and accept the fact that the elementary and secondary education system does need some reforms and improvements. This essay mainly focuses on discussing the works of a few people who studied these topics intensely and what conclusions they drew. I went through three articles specifically â€Å"Repealing and Unpeeling Federal Language Policy in the U.S.† by Evans and HornbergerRead MoreNo Child Left Behind Was An Act Of Congress Proposed By President Bush2783 Words   |  12 PagesNo Child Left Behind was an act of Congress proposed by President Bush January 23, 2001. The bill was coauthored by the following representatives: John Boehner (R-OH), George Miller (D-CA), and Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Judd Gregg (R-NH). The purpose of this bill was to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which included Title 1, a program for disadvantaged youth. To receive federal funding schools must measure students using standardized assessments in particular gradesRead MoreStandardized Testing Controls Much Of The Academic Career Of A Student Essay1810 Words   |  8 Pages Standardized testing controls much of the academic career of a student. Today, tests such as the ACT and SAT determine the probability of getting into college while state tests such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) serve as an assessment of preparedness toward the upcoming grade of learning. There is still controversy over the workings of standardized tests. While it does check the proper essentials needed to progress from gradeRead MoreStandardized Test and Informal Reading Assessments Essay2179 Words   |  9 Pagesliteracy strengths and needs? Standardized tests have both positive and negative uses as they pertain to obtaining information and what that information can be used for. The use of portfolios can also be used to guide instruction, and they can be used as informal or summative assessments. The use of both the standardized test as well as a student portfolio will give the teacher information that can b e used to assess how well they are instructing as well as what areas they may still need more work in.

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Children Care for Department of

Question: Discuss about theChildren Care for Department of Education and Training. Answer: The Stolen Generation or what is generally called as the aboriginal children is that unprivileged section of Diaspora children that are not native to the country they reside in. the theory of discrimination has been ever prevalent in the global history. However, it must be noted that discrimination makes the innocent suffer the most. The challenges and the disadvantages faced by aboriginal children are uncountable in numbers. The population of indigenous children is large in number with a high growth rate. Perhaps the major issue faced by indigenous children is lack of education. Reports have shown that the enrolment rate in education sector of the indigenous children least signs of inflation from 2011. 46% aboriginal children were enrolled in preschool in 2011. 2013 has witnessed a 55% of enrolment in schools (Munns Walker, 2015). The issue that remains prevalent is the under education of the aboriginal section of the society. Aboriginal children are the victim of discrimination on the grounds of their race, color, language spoken and tradition (Simpson et al., 2016). Cultural difference is the prime factor that segregates the aboriginal and the other natives from the nation. Difference is hardly accepted by the majority and thus, the aboriginal children remain under privileged and the pushed section of society. The lack of education and cultural differences created no doubt leaves an acute impression in the mind of a child. The deep-rooted impact has long-term negative influences in shaping a childs psychological order (Isaacs et al., 2017). Quite naturally, the impact marks the differences in their approach towards the world. These particular sections of children remain segregated from rest of the nation and thus, remain backward. As grown up adult, these children face issues of job and earning livelihood and the process repeats. However, it must be noted that steps are taken to eradicate these problems. According to ACECQA, children have a strong sense of self identity and any hindrance with it causes deep rooted emotional imbalance. Education is imperative to a childs well being and parents have an equal role to play to ensure that a child does not feel lost or neglected. Children are the most effective communicators of happiness as well as problems. The learning development of a child should be particularly focused upon ("ACECQA", 2018). In order to achieve this, the most brilliant way would be focusing on reflective learning. Apart from that some factors like healthy life style, physical activity, supervision of the child and practice of healthy habits must also be taken care of by guardians. Department of Education and Training in Australia lays down some key points regarding the principles of learning outcome in the infant state, that is, between one to five years that may help to uproot the sense of feeling neglected among children. It critically analyses the emotional issues faced by children and suggests ways these issues can be dealt with. Australian government towards the proper treatment of aboriginal children has taken more steps. Particularly, Australian government has a specific website for the very cause named as that counsels the necessary requirements of the children. An online portal dedicated towards children not only counsels the children in need but also provides development and counseling programs for the parents ("Home |", 2018). also has tie-up with a number of childcare home in different localities in Australia so that not a single child is left without attention for a longer period. In the concluding part it can be asserted that though there are a number of challenges faced by aboriginal children and youth all over the world particularly in Australia, yet it can be suggested that following the recommendations and guidelines as stated by the Australian government would help to curb the issue. Education if given the prime importance, most of the differences can be solved. Whole language approach and phonics is a part of literacy method that quintessentially deals with language teaching particularly to children of different cultural backgrounds. Whole language approach is the method of teaching where language is taken to be a part of a system that produces meaning when interlinked (Richards Rodgers, 2014). The concept of study though is deeply imbibed, still is not presented before the students. Phonics is the interrelation of sounds with their respective symbols. There are certain advantages of whole language learning. The understanding is better in the reading process and a complete picturesque thought is made to derive while reading (Gay et al., 2014). There is no hard and fast practice of rules. Thus, learning is easy and fun. Learning is achieved through imitating in comfortable situation and environment. It helps the children to come across factual reading behaviors. Children are made to play with excellent sources of literature specially designed for children since the initial stage of their learning experience. The language is simple, placid and easily understandable. More focus is put on pictures and images that emotionally connect with the children. The tutors tries to make effective approach so that learning from reading becomes easier for the students There are also certain disadvantages of the same. Lacks strength of vocabulary since learning is based on seeing. Children do not develop any analytical approach as the process from the initial period is very placid and easy. This particular approach makes the student dependent on sight-reading as such, difficulty is faced while constructing meaningful sentence (Lundin Persson, 2015). The children lack decoding skills once grown up. The later learning process in secondary schools becomes hard and tiresome. The Main advantage f phonic language is that it builds up confidence. Phonetics helps children to learn the breakup of words and phrases. As such, children can spell and write unknown words on hearing, since they learn the splitting of alphabets according to its sounds (Goouch Lambirth, 2016). The spellings are also simplifies in this process. Words are broken into parts while reading it in phonics approach. Students while writing can use the same method. Thus, spellings are simplified while reading or writing out. The disadvantage of using phonetic approach to all words can lead students into trouble since not all words can be decoded phonetically. Phonetically, the word laid is pronounced as layed. Using phonetics a student will fail pronouncing the words such as Wednesday or ocean. The total dependence on phonetic approach will lead a student fall in trouble while going through a comprehensive reading. It also fails to promote a comprehensive learning pattern among the students. Phonetics focuses on the learning process of pronouncing and selling of works. It lays its main emphasis on correct utterance of words (Harper, 2016). However, depending only on phonetics will lead a student to fail to understand the meaning of a complex sentence, since, the meaning of words is not emphasized upon. In the concluding statement, it can be said that leaning made through phonetics approach without any iota of doubt is beneficial for students. Yet, there are some drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. Phonetics is particularly helpful in the study of language and communication but basing an entire study only on phonetic will limit a student only to its use. Reference list ACECQA. (2018) Retrieved 23 March 2018, from Gay, D., Levis, P., Von Behren, R., Welsh, M., Brewer, E., Culler, D. (2014). The nesC language: A holistic approach to networked embedded systems.Acm Sigplan Notices,49(4), 41-51. Goouch, K., Lambirth, A. (2016).Teaching early reading and phonics: Creative approaches to early literacy. Sage. Harper, T. (2016). The Impact of Instructional Approaches, Systematic Phonics Instruction and Word Study, on Second Grade Students Spelling Development. Home (2018) Retrieved 23 March 2018 Lundin, C., Persson, L. (2015). Advantages and Challenges with CLIL-a study examining teachers' thoughts on learner engagement and confidence within content and language integrated learning. Munns, A., Walker, R. (2015). The Halls Creek Community Families Program: Elements of the role of the child health nurse in development of a remote Aboriginal home visiting peer support program for families in the early years.Australian Journal of Rural Health,23(6), 322-326. Richards, J. C., Rodgers, T. S. (2014).Approaches and methods in language teaching. Cambridge university press. saacs, A. N., Sutton, K., Hearn, S., Wanganeen, G., Dudgeon, P. (2017). Health workers views of help seeking and suicide among Aboriginal people in rural Victoria.Australian journal of rural health,25(3), 169-174. Simpson, S., DAprano, A., Tayler, C., Khoo, S. T., Highfold, R. (2016). Validation of a culturally adapted developmental screening tool for Australian Aboriginal children: Early findings and next steps.Early human development,103, 91-95.